Thursday, February 4, 2010

[Illustration Friday] Round 2: Focused

[Er, right, this post is for Illustration Friday! Though I think it's more likely that people are coming here from there instead of the other way around, but...
Also also, I seem to be having problems commenting! I swear it is because of some sort of dark sorcery and not a lack of knowledge on my part!]

I alternated between a little sequence of sketches, to kids measuring baking stuff, to a pirate sitting on a busted dingy on the moon, and cycled through them until I started drawing the kids and ended up with this guy:

I... Planned on more for this picture, but time and lack thereof totally got in the way (and not skill whatsoever) and I could not finish the awesome scene I had envisioned from the start. Man, I hate it when that happens!

So I haven't seen The Adventures of Baron Munchausen in like, forever, but it's one of my favourite movies, and one scene I remember clearly is when they fly a ship to the moon. They either just landed it, or they were actually sailing across the surface of the moon as if it were water. Whiiiich is what I tried to get across here, but... Er... haven't, quite.

In my original idea for this thing, I was going to have a bigger scene, where you see this patchwork guy's boat, which is also tiny, and also has patches on his boat and sail. And stars in the sky. Also his eyeglass/telescope was bigger! And shinier! And had neat little things written on it! And everything else would be shaded!

- Ahah, but that will be later, I promise (and really mean it this time, guys).

The, er, rest of the idea was that he was focusing on something in the distance, and despite the fact that basically everything he owns is patched up in some form or another, and his boat is tiny, and his hat doesn't really match his coat, he's still eagerly planning his next moon-pirate thing.

*thumbs up*

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  1. This is really well done. I like all the wonderful bright colours you used. Wish I could do something this good digitally. I like all the details you have added. So realistic.