Thursday, April 1, 2010

Assignment [Ride for Cancer Research Postcard]

Yup! The idea here was to draw something nice and post-card-sized to hand out to people for donating to the Ride for Cancer event, and make it something that someone would want to post up.

For about a week I was waffling on using some terrifying huge-eyed cutesy character congratulating someone for making a donation, but then as I was reading something with my brother, we somehow got to talking about this achewood strip, and I was struck by a brilliant new idea.

At least I think it was the achewood strip. I'm not sure now, but if I were to put money down, I'd say that's where it came from.


The idea behind this postcard is a bicyclist making a ridiculous jump across a huge canyon, an 'awesome' move, much like the recipient of this card donating money to a good cause.

I drew this entirely digitally, so no rough sketches, though I did muck around with the text placement. Originally, it was on the lower end of the card, but after leaving it for a few hours, I reopened the file and realized that the text was covering up and filling up the nice little canyon I drew, and decided that the sky was less important than the depth of the canyon. Soooo I moved the text.

The original:

And because I like it so much, the card without the text:

I think the canyon's edge might be a little sharp in places still, but I was having a heck of a time trying to get those corners blunt and still looking good. Eeehn. I kind of still like it like this, though, so there.

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