Friday, April 9, 2010

Illustration Friday [Round 11: Dip]

As usual, after sitting and ho-humming (I think that's a verb now) over some design or another representing my deep insecurities, two ideas collided in my mind as I tried to figure out a better interpretation of the 'dip' prompt on Illustration Friday. Then I started going through definitions, and somehow, these all connected in my mind:

1) The Super Dictionary, from DC comics. I wish I could tell you more, I wish I even knew where to start linking, but the best I can do is link you to a Google image search like a pro and pretend I accomplished something.
For the link-phobic, essentially it is a dictionary for children with definitions illustrated through various DC superheroes. Needless to say, er, more than a few of these definitions seemed a little oddly placed, scenario-wise, or downright confusing, but overall, hilarious (Forty cakes, anybody?).

2) The Dip, from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. You know the one. Paint-thinner, designed to kill your favourite cartoon characters.

... Okay a little melodramatic, but you get the idea. But how could I use the dip for illustration Friday?

This somehow ended up with idea three. Remember that bit of original art I posted a few weeks ago?

Well, she's technically a superhero... and in her story which I haven't elaborated on before this moment includes something like a cartoon character come to life, so...

Well that certainly illustrates the diversity of the word

And... yes. I am awesome and apparently picked a colour theme for my characters that does not translate well to the web at all! Woe is I. I... Will fix this somehow later. In the meantime!

Yes, the one on the left is supposed to look like a ridiculous anime-character. See, in-story, she is... Well, she's a thing that based her form on someone's childhood imaginary friend. The girl on the right, actually. Also known as the Animator. She controls ink. Together, they fight crime! Kind of. Fascinating story, really.

And yeah this is typically how they interact on-screen, at least in non-plot-significant situations; with Ari the anime-thing making hilarious off-the-wall comments and pop-culture references, and Annie over there trying to hang lampshades and criticize the typical stunts and situations of the superhero genre. Genius!

Though I will admit, I usually don't go as overboard with Ari's hair. I was just having so much fun drawing this though, I didn't want to fix it. Honestly!

... Though something's bugging me about the word balloons, but I guess I'll just have to agonize over that until I am awake enough to make good decisions again.

So, yes, because the dialogue looks a little cluttery to me after staring at this project for a few hours, here is a smaller version sans text:


Which reminds me, I swapped out my header for one with Ari in it, since she's in this week's IF post and all, but I'll switch back to the dragon-guy, or maybe someone else. See, I originally intended to have a rotating header bar, but, uh, ehe, I only had one header to use at the time. Now I have two!

And yes, I'm sure you'd love to read more of my lovely and eloquent writing, but I am very tired right now so I am going to bed. Thank you for reading and stuff, the usual!

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  1. I knew I couldn't be the only one that would think of dip as the stuff that destroyed toons. XD

    Love the characters. They're really funny together. Even as they're about to be dissolved.